the project


Faced with the intensive exploitation of the territory, which threatens food security and the diversity of life in its different expressions, the creative experimentations of girls and boys are seeds of permanence and hope.
"La Finca" (the farm)  is a form of habitation and care for the land, constituted as an expression of responsible and careful resistance to the environment. Hence the importance of activating the memories on the farm, for the construction of a better future.

Recreating Territories

My FinK is a co-design exercise developed with communities in northern Cauca and a team of researchers from the Javeriana University. The rescue of the traditional farm is an expression for the defense, preservation and care of the territory. This mobile application is the result of several workshops with boys and girls that make this message visible through music and animations.

"Beneath our feet the fertile and sacred land has been seen from the beginning; family traditions, the legacy of the ancestors and a fight so that history does not evaporate over time. It is the Farm, land of cultivation and beloved region, but what is the true situation of farms in our times? "

My Fink Documentary

This project won a  Research-Creation grant from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. It is part of a digital activism strategy that makes visible and recognizes the voices silenced by the media deployment and private interests, making use of the digital media, such as mobile applications and social networks.

mi fink documentary

In 2009 the organization Soporte Klan made this documentary, whose central proposal brings to the table the worrying problem of the land: peasants, ancestral inhabitants of the Black communities, Afro-Colombians, have seen how their land has been taken from them.

In this case, inhabitants of the municipality of Villa Rica in the North of Cauca, opened the debate through its history, giving an account of the situation and inviting reflection.


Boys and girls not only participated in art workshops, they also learned programming skills and even developed their own video game using the App Inventor software developed by MIT

narrative and drawing

Through narrative and drawing, boys and girls recognized and reactivated the role of the farm in their daily lives in their families and reflected on its importance.


Our team enthusiastically adopted stop motion to capture their creativity. All the animations of Mi Fink were made in workshops on this technique.

mi fink song

In the application there is a reinterpreted version of the song mi FinK, by Soporte Klan.