mi fink

Sow to harvest

An interactive animation about the traditional farm in the north of Cauca, Colombia.

The traditional farm is a symbol of Afro culture in the north of Cauca in Colombia.

But It's threatened ...

This is the result of several narrative, drawing, animation and programming workshops with boys and girls working with Colombia Joven Corporation in Villa Rica, Cauca, and researchers from Javeriana University.

Villa Rica is a Colombian town located in the north of the department of Cauca with about 20 thousand inhabitants. It is an area dedicated to an intensive and extensive monoculture of sugar cane.


The agro-industrial exploitation has reduced traditional and identity practices of food production in what is known as the Afro-Cauca Traditional Farm.

Mi FinK was originally a song and a documentary created by Soporte Klan group, talking about the value of the traditional farm in northern Cauca and its heritage. This work won a contest from the Ministry of Culture in 2009 to commemorate the bicentennial of the Independence of Colombia.

This is a Creation Research project financed by Research vice-rectory at the Javeriana University with funds from Santander Bank.